AVATAR CONTROLS VAPENUT – Will Sucked your Cloud!

Avatar Controls Vapenut – Home vent for E Cigarette?

Would you invent such a thing? The team from AVATAR, yes they do! and developed a filter for all vapers who do not want or can not due to the nature of the room to use the E Cigarette.


The design of the device is created in full plastic. Any adjustment shall be made via the large, illuminated in several colors a physical button on the front of the device.

Through a button you can enable or disable a device, but also change the speed of rotation of the built-in fan. Temporary holding physical button turns the backlight and fan speed.



The device also has an optical sensor that automatically turns on the device. The whole is powered by a 12V power supply, which get included – included’ll get the adapter into the cigarette lighter – the device can be used in car ?



In the package you get two filters – one pre installed, and a second backup. Unfortunately scares price of the device, which at the moment amounts to more than 100 EUR .. and such a device in the home conditions can be done in a few euros




Avatar Controls Vapenut Technical Specifications:

– Built-in optical sensor catcher cloud
– Adjustable fan speed (4 speed)
– Indicator led on the button
– Two filters
– You can use your car or home
– Powered by 12V power supply supplied with
– Dimensions: 200mm x 200mm x 121mm

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