Sigelei EVAYA 66W Box Mod – Elegant Proposal

Sigelei EVAYA 66W Box Mod Ireland

A growing number of producers goes towards the use of wood stabilized – a positive surprise with great compositions and shapes of new power supply – positive surprises also EVAYA – a new product from Sigelei – come its name tells us nothing – this is the appearance of power, at least for me, knocks ?

Sigelei EVAYA 66W will be available in three colors – red metal (actually looking like copper), silver and black. mentioned here only because the body inset with stabilized wood in each case is different – the texture is unique and buying power supply we are 100% sure that no one else has identical power!

evaya left Sigelei box mod sigelei evaya

On the back appears deeply engraved inscription Sigelei – the entire surface is covered with a smooth coating, which is quite dirty (finger print), but gives exquisite gloss.
Power is well suited to the Tanks with a diameter of 25mm – head is made of stainless steel and the manufacturer equipped it with gold-plated moveable pin contact. The diameter is 27mm power most punctures 40.5mm width and height or length is 86mm.

Color display fitted in the beautiful wood stabilized, color screen further more attractive appearance. Electronics supports and promotes the temperature control (TC) for the wires of nickel, titanium and stainless steel. In this power mode  Sigelei Battery  offers adjustable from 5W to 66W.
Installed power microUSB port lets you update and charging a removable battery. The Evaya Battery cover is entirely gold-plated to enhance conductivity.
The fire button and control buttons is likely made of zinc alloy have a low profile and very nicely click.

Sigelei EVAYA Specifications:

– Stainless steel head
– Gold-plated moveable pin contact plus
– Perfectly fits the Tanks 25mm
– Color Display
– Very nice buttons with low profile
– Operation and adjustment TC for Nickel, Titanium and SS
– Adjustable output power from 5W to 66W
– Supply 1 × 18650
Gold-plated battery cover
– Front panel of wood stabilized

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