Electronic Cigarette Flavors


What Electronic Cigarette Flavors Do you Like?

I ran across a question on the internet about Electronic Cigarette flavors.  It is obvious that a lot of Electronic Cigarette vapers enjoy different flavor E Cigarettes.

At one time I thought that vapers would want to stick with the flavor that they became accustomed to when they smoked traditional cigarettes, but obviously I was wrong.  Vapers like the fact that Electronic Cigarettes provide them with variety, and choices.

Those that use to smoke tobacco and menthol flavor cigarettes now find themselves vaping apple, cherry, and coffee E-Cigarettes.   I have a colleague that tries a different flavor each week.  It is a joy to watch the gleam in his eyes as he screws his new flavored cartridge on his Electronic Cigarette battery.  It is almost like watching him try a new entre for the first time.


Vaping flavor – people choise!!

I have heard some vapers tell me that they prefer to vape different Electronic Cigarette flavors because it allows them to escape the bad stigma of traditional cigarettes.  Smoking traditional cigarettes was their old life, and now that they have moved on, they don’t want to continue to dig up old trenches by sticking with their old flavor habits.

It sounds like that these ex smokers have found a way to drown out the tobacco cigarette monster by trying something that traditional cigarettes don’t offer. I’m not a psychologist, but even Stevie Wonder could see through this one.  Electronic Cigarettes truly helps a smoker to live a healthier life with no tobacco, tar or carcinogens that traditional cigarettes contain, and the great thing about it is that many that have smoked traditional cigarettes for over 20 years can stop in 2 weeks from switching to E Cigarettes.  That’s astonishing!  What a smoker finds difficult to accomplish alone can easily be accomplished with the help of a fruity flavor.  I would hate to think that the FDA would find fault in flavors when they help so many. Right?  Let’s hope not!

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