eGo AIO Pro C With a Replaceable 18650 battery!

Joyetech eGo All In One PRO C

E Cigarette eGo AIO Pro C Starter Kit


eGo AIO Pro C – Why C? I do not have a clue. Joyetech may not like A and B? or maybe you just want to surprise us? And surprised ..


ego_aio_pro_c_02-700x655eGo AIO PRO C charging option


The fully disassembled part responsible for the supply and regulation of air and heating system – still in the same form, we can easily disassemble and clean. Also retained the ability to charge via microUSB port even while vaping.




Quite new in eGo AIO PRO C is the ability to install their own high-current battery 18650 .Rechargeable battery put on the bottom by unscrewing the cap. Please note that the battery skin was intact and min 25A.




This 2 enhancements in the new AiO PRO C: side air flow control and so very comfortable filling from the top. Tank capacity in AiO Pro C is 4ml and filling allow two big holes.


ego_aio_pro_c_06-700x570 ego_aio_pro_c_07-700x574


Joyetech eGo AIO PRO C Technical Specifications :

– Powered single – replaceable battery 18650.
– Upper filling
– Port microUSB charging
– Available in 6 colors
– Includes 2 Heater
-> 0.5 ohm SS316 – DL
-> 0.6 ohm SS316 – MTL
– 22mm diameter
– 145.53 mm in length
– Capacity 4.0 ml atomizer
Air flow adjustment
7 color backlight

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