E Cigarette HEXOHM 3.0 180W Box Mod – Crazy Price

HEXOHM 3.0 180W Box Mod for Crazy Money!!

E Cig Box Mod Hexohm 180W Ireland



Hexohm version 3.0 with a maximum output power of 180W – is an ideal product if you have bagatelle … .. 190$ for the original Hexohm in Ireland is the price unaffordable for most vapers, but the question which comes to the mouth – IS IT WORTH ??



E Cigarette Hexohm Box Mod is very easy to use – adjust the output voltage range from 3V to 6V adjust potentiometer located the bottom left side of the device on the side of the fire button. Button is a protruding, rounded, but with a very nice soft and short stroke.

hexohm-180w-full-viewThe minimum resistance supported by proprietary electronics manufacturer is 0.1 ohm – there is no support for the temperature control and this should be sure not to inhale the filth. Hexohm Box Mod not have a display, beautiful illumination, microUSB port and other known gadgets, which are now found in others Box Mod`s.


Electronic Box Mod is intended for 18650 batteries – two pieces – of course remember to use battery high currentwith the same capacity, amperage, voltage rating and very similar or the same cycle discharges. Housing is a beautiful machined aluminum can coated with a delicious-looking anode.


Hexohm 180W Specifications:

The maximum power of 180W
Adjustable output by the potentiometer in the range of 0-100%
Output voltage from 3.0 V to 6.0 V
The minimum resistance of 0.1 ohm
No support for temperature control
– Maximum output 30A
– Brass pin on spring
– Dimensions 103mm x 51mm x 27mm

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