What you have to avoid when creating your own e-liquid?

How to choose the good e-liquid Ireland

E liquid is the main part of every e cig. Because of a lot of disadvantages that are connected with the “complete” e liquids, people using e cigs rather decide to make e liquid from ingredients. What you need to create your own e liquid? What you have to avoid when creating this?

What are the ingredients of e liquid?

First it has just to be slightly described what do you need to make e liquid. Also, e liquid consist of PG/VG solution, flavor and optional nicotine. It seems to be very easy to make e liquid and it’s the truth but you have to remember some important things. What it would be? What has to be avoided?

1) don’t compose e liquid on the party

This is very stupid idea. Mixing all ingredients like for example 120ml e liquid Ireland and nicotine together when you are drunk can end with definitely not good effect.

2) don’t keep all of ingredients in places which are accessible for children/pets

Generally all the liquids like 120 ml e liquid Ireland are nowadays well protected of children. Everything is childproof and so that it is really not easy to open for children or pets but nevertheless they can get a bite for example bottle with of liquid or even worse— nicotine. That can easily turn into tragedy.

3) avoid bad shortfill

When creating an own e liquid you have to avoid liquids of bad quality. For instance, liquid of 50 ml are not very recommended because of not so qood quality. Better option is to buy a 120 ml e liquid Ireland.

4) avoid bad shops

Nowadays there are plenty of shops that have assortment connected with e cigs. What you have to do is to choose the best one among them. Why it is so important? Also, generally we don’t have so much time to read about every new firm, company or product. The better is to have one well trusted shop, inside which there are only well selected e cigs, liquids and so on.

That’s why you can trust Efag. We pay great attention of our assortment and because of that every our product like for example 120 ml e liquid Ireland has good quality. That’s why we invite you to see our offer.

5) avoid rush

If you compose your e liquid by own, you definitely cannot be in rush. It can be even dangerous for you if you take another amount of nicotine that has to be put on.

6) avoid not reading about all news

It is also good to ask the customers or to read the blog news about e cig. Using this way you can consider salt nicotine and its advantages and a lot of other very interesting thing.

Following this rules, you can easily and safe create your own e liquid.

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