Nicotine Base available in Ireland

Nicotine Shots Full TPD Complied in Ireland


Today, a little about nicotine shots, what kinds, strenght and size we have available at the moment on Irish market. Efag – Electronic Cigarette and E-Liquids offer 2 different producers and 3 different types. All type of Nicotine are FULL TPD Complied!!



Pink Fury Nicotine Base 18mg 60/40 VG / PG

Pink Fury Shots has been with us from last year and very quickly gained your popularity and recognition. Pure nicotine base with a strenght of 18mg and 60/40 VG/PG, although sometimes it seems to us that there is even more VG than the producer declaired (which of course only positiv) Do not feel any other flavors in it, does not change the taste of the eliquid. Available in 10ml bottles (thanks to TPD 🙁 ) At the moment, we have very nice promotions on it,

  • 1-5 bottles – 2 eur / per bottle
  • 5-10 bottles – 1.75 eur / per bottle
  • 10 => bottles – 1.5 eur / per bottle


Nicotine Booster TPD 60/40 VG/PG Ireland


Efuma Nicotine Base 18mg Full VG 100%

Available for a few weeks, manufactured by one of the largest wholesalers in EU Efuma. As with its predecessor, a product with a neutral taste and flavor, does not change the taste of the e-juice. It can be available with ratio 50/50, 70/30 and full VG100%. Promotional prices on Efuma Nicotine Booster Full VG are:

  • 1-5 bottles – 2.16 eur / per bottle
  • 5-10 bottles – 2.09 eur / per bottle
  • 10 => bottles – 1.90 eur / per bottle


Nicotine Base 18mg Full VG Ireland

Efuma Nicotine SALT Base 18mg 50/50 VG / PG

NEW and available at, as above-produced by Efuma from Denmark. Slowly begins to find more and more followers, for the present moment is offered in 18mg and 50/50 VG/PG and neutral flavor. It works very well with the created e-liquid, it gives it a more delicate flavor, eg vape juice with a capacity of 12mg can be perceptible as 6mg but12mg strenght.

Nicotine SALT Base Promotion:

  • 1-5 bottles – 2.75 eur / per bottle
  • 5 => bottles – 2.25 eur / per bottle


Nicotine SALT 18mg Efag Ireland


All Nicotine Shots sold by Efag Ireland are certified, registered and Full TPD Complied, each bottle has child-proofing, a leaflet and a box.


Nicotine Booster Safety Tips:

Content of nicotine: 18 mg / ml

Appearance: Clear, colorless, without aroma

Protection against oxidation: Manufactured and closed in nitrogen environment

Shelf life: 2 years if unopened. 1 month after opening and stored in a cold room, protected from light.

Suggested storage conditions: Dry, ventilated, dark area, away from heat sources. Keep away from children.

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