How to choose best e-liquid?

How to choose the best vape e-liquid Ireland?

E liquid Ireland is the main substance inside e cigarette. What it is composed of? What you have to do to create your own e-liquid Ireland?

Ingredients of e liquid Ireland

First you have to know what is inside every e liquid. Also, e juice is composed of PG/VG solution, flavor and optional nicotine. Normally around 90% is PG/VG and 10% flavor, other compounds like little amount of water or alcohol and nicotine.

Basically there is a lot of complete e liquids that you just have to buy and put inside e cig. But also you can buy short-fill and mix it with nicotine. Also, it is important that nowadays nicotine is also sold in a salt form.

First step — good PG/VG solution

First you have to choose good PG/VG solution. PG is the shortcut for propylene glycol and VG for vegetable glycerin. Solutions that have big amount of PG are rather not very vicious and provide better taste. Whereas VG is more hygroscopic and vicious and that’s why it provides better vapor. So if you prefer big cloud you have to choose solution with minimum 70 percent of VG. This also allow us to DL smoking. On the other side, if you prefer MTL smoking or better taste than you have to find liquid with maximum 60 percent of VG.

Second step — short fille liquid

Shortfill is everything but with no nicotine. Also, it consists of PG/VG which was described above and flavor. Which flavor is the best? There everybody could choose something that he really prefer. What more about shortfill? You have to know that shortfills has a huge variety of seizes. First there is 50 ml which rather is not the best option. Then you have 80 ml, 100 ml, 125 ml and 150 ml. The last one has the best price to size ratio.

Third step — nicotine

What about nicotine? First you can choose nicotine booster shot — it is 10 ml of nicotine. Strength is 3,6, 12, 18,20 mg/ml. But what if you are in need of greater amount of nicotine? Then let’s consider nicotine salt. What it is? Nicotine salts are comprised of the same exact nicotine that’s found in its natural state within the tobacco leaf. Nicotine salts requires a higher temperature and addiction of benzoic acid. Generally, not considering all chemistry issues, nicotine salt provides higher dose of nicotine. What is important, nicotine salt is already sold mixed with PG/VG solution in the proportion of 50/50

Fourth step – good shop

In every kind of product you can find better and worse one. The same is in e-liquids Ireland. There are cheaper and more expensive companies, better and worse firms. That’s why the best decision is to make shopping in Efag shop. There you have gently selected the best ones product.

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