E-Liquid short-fill nicotine vs. nicotine salt

Different between freebase nicotine vs. nicotine salt

When we are trying to make the best e liquids for ourselves, we have generally to choose various options. First it is PG/VG solution, then flavor and after that nicotine. Generally flavor and PG/Vg solution you can find inside the shortfill like 120 ml e liquid Ireland. And here almost all people have little problem. What is better to use — freebase nicotine or nicotine salt? What is the difference between them? Below we will try to explain that.

Freebase nicotine — main information

First it has to be said a little about normal nicotine. Also, according to the TPD law, there is no bigger than 10 ml solution of nicotine. Maximum strength is 20 mg/ml. What more we have to know? Freebase nicotine is just pure nicotine that you have to add to PG/VG solution like shortfill 120ml e liquid Ireland.

Salt nicotine — main information

And what about salt nicotine? This is the same extract of nicotine that was founded in the tobacco leaf. To obtain better bio availability producers of nicotine salt had to add a little amount of benzoic acid.

Salt nicotine vs. freebase nicotine

What is the difference? To give the answer we have to explain a little chemistry. Freebase nicotine has higher pH and that’s why alkalinity increases in throat which causes a harsher throat — hit. Because of that users of freebase nicotine have to choose small amount of that even when they need greater one.

Nicotine salt is something another. Benzoic acid lowers the pH and that’s why you can choose greater amount of nicotine without any harsh.

What are another advantages of nicotine salt? First it has to be said that a lot of users claim that nicotine salt gives them more satisfaction. Moreover, it has smoother nicotine hit, less flavor impact and it is cheaper.

How to make e cig with nicotine salt?

It is really easy. Generally nicotine salt is already mixed with PG/VG liquid in the proportion of 50/50.

Where the nicotine salt and shortfill can be bought?

In every shop for vapers, but the best one is of course Efag Ireland shop. There you can find every product like also 120ml e liquid Ireland in the best quality.

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