Vaperz Cloud Trilogy RTA Atomizer Ireland

Vaperz Cloud Trilogy RTA — beyond the limit!

Vaperz Cloud is well known as company that pushes the limits and improves the quality of atomizers.

First line of product — VMCT line, became popular as first Rebuildable Tank Atomizers that could handle a power of series device in regard to airflow and wicking. Generally second one device of this line VCMT2 was constructed in the same way but with improvement of better feeling the flavor and of easier using of device.

Both of VMCT products totally have changed the market and redefined the RTA. Using knowledge and experiences from creating a VCMT and other atomizers like VCST and Asgard RDA, producers decided to create a new product, which will have advantages of all of those tanks. That is the birth of Trilogy RTA.

Trilogy RTA — main characteristics

First, it has to be said that Trilogy RTA has the main advantage of Asgard RTA because it will give you great vape quality and very smooth, silent vape. How does it work?

Also, the deck has four 2.5mm x 3.0mm individual post holes for coil. Installation of is pretty easy. Then, you have a massive airflow slot. Massive- that means 7.8mm x 6.4mm. It helps to capture all vapour in reduced chamber.

Trilogy RTA Tank also can provide you unforgettable taste. Because generally, important is something else when talking about this device. You have to know that Trilogy RTA can create negative pressure under the build deck. And build deck uses dual airflow diffusion and multi chamber diffusion to create negative pressure before the airflow will hit the coils.

Also, shortly what are main characteristic of RTA Trilogy? First it has 300 out diameter — 22 mm inside postless build deck. Moreover, advantages are quick release top cap, tallboy tip and shorty clear acrylic tip. RTA Trilogy has also four 2.5mm X 3mm post holes, dual airflow diffusion, 44 outer airflow ports and of course Removable juice reservoir for access to coils.

It has also to be said that RTA Trilogy can boast of having elegant shape and nice composed company mark.

To conclude, Trilogy RTA became famous as one which provides perfect vape, holds liquid and gives you great taste.

Definitely, you have to try it – you can buy this RTA on Efag!

Vaperz Cloud Trilogy RTA Atomizer Ireland

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