The Best 18650, 20700, 21700 Battery for Electronic Cigarette Ireland


The Best Battery for Electronic Cigarette available in Ireland


Which battery to choose, what will be right for me, what brand is the best … etc. Many questions arise from the vapers who is just beginning the adventure with the mods that can change the battery – external / rechargeable batteries.

Let’s start from the very beginning, we was try to not have any of the rechargeable batteries on the beginning when we start with the online shop, because we were afraid of dishonest wholesalers (yes, in 2006 there were no chances to buy directly from the manufacturer unless in 1000 of pcs and at that stage we only start at the market) as well as inexperienced users – these were just the beginnings of mods with removable batteries and most of them, if not all of them were mechanical mods. Long story…., maybe somethimes we will put more informations how we start and all the mistakes which we make on the beginning 🙂

Skipping all adventures on the way in 2018 we signed a contract with !!


From now on we are able to guarantee you the lowest prices at battery for e cigarette in Ireland !!



All batteries that we have available in the online store comes from Fogstar.


Back to the topic…Which ones are the best, strongest and last longer?

Special in the case of 18650 battery , we have a very wide range of choices, we can choose for example between LG HG2 and Sony VTC5A.


Brown LG 300mAh available in Ireland


LG HG2 18650 Battery has a big capacity of 3000mAh but only 20A, for whom they will be good ? for those who do not use high watt and vape 20-30W maximum.




Sony VTC5A available at


Sony VTC5A has a smaller capacity of 2650mAh but 35A so it is designed for those who vape at 40W and higher – obviously when using a single battery, even the Sony VTC5A is not enough for too long at 50W- IMHO 3h max




Gold Vapcell 201700 Battery 31--mAh 30A


Next type will be 20700 battery and here the best choice for today is Vapcell 20700 Gold – it has 3100mAh capacity and 30A, it is of course re-wrap because Vapcell is not a battery manufacturer but they have been tested by Mooch and everything is in theOK!, very good, solid batteries that hold their values and are not weak at higher temperatures !!




EXO20700S bettery - 3000mAh and 25A


Another offer 20700 will be new EXO20700S bettery – 3000mAh and 25A the same as Vapcell, new on the market, the price is not made by well-known brands, so it will be available at a great price !!



21700 battery – for the moment the best what we can use in our mods – capacity and power for the price.



Samsung 30T available at


The market leader and the moments, the best battery for the price and use are Samsung 30T – 3000mAh and 35A. Tested and recommended by Mooch,. Very efficient batteries, it holds its values, does not react to high temperatures (i.e. high Wattage) and can be bought at an attractive price of 13eur single or 11.5eur for two or more.




Samsung 40T battery Ireland


Samsung 40T 3960mAh and 35A – The largest capacity and Ampers but has problems with high temperatures. Above 80-90W (on a single battery) the performance drops to 25A. It is still a very good battery for those who vape up to 70W.




21700 Battery-NEW on the market


New on the market EXO21700S 3750mAh and 24A (Same cell as Vapcell) but at a lower price.




Sony VTC6A Battery

And last, very long-awaited re-wrap Sony VTC6A from the same supplier as the previous EXOVTC6A 4000mAh and 30A. The price should be exact between 30T and 40T and the quality of the initial tests also lies exactly between these two Samsung batteries.






Safety Tips for all Batteries used with E Cigarette Mods:

We always have to remember that all batteries, no matter what size 18650, 20700, 21700 etc … were never designed for Electronic Cigarette, we use them because we use such possibilities but it was designed to power laptops, power supplies and other power sources.

We recommend that our chargers be assessed for lithium-ion cells.




Safety, storage and disposal

Lithium ion (Li-Ion) Cells can be dangerous if used improperly. By buying Li-ion batteries from Fogstar, the buyer assumes all associated risks.

  • Always use a battery charger that is rated for Li-ion cells
  • Batteries should never be left charging unattended
  • Batteries should never be loose in a pocket or bag (use case provided)
  • All lithium batteries have a cycle-life, however the battery should be replaced every 2 years – whichever comes first.
  • Never wrap a PVC wrap.
  • Never completely discharge batteries
  • Do not expose to extreme heat

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