New Smok TFV12 Tank 6ml

Smoktech TFV12 RTA Tank 6ml Capacity Ireland

Crazy World Presents Smok TFV12 RTA Atomizer 🙂


SMOK TFV12 – Much More Watts !!!

Are you surprised ??? I just waited until the small Chinese hands put on its website information about the new evaporator/tank.  TFV12 – except that quickie jumped up by 4 compared to its predecessor is not structurally tremendous changes. A few pictures and info about a new thing.


New Smok Tank will be available in 4 colors.

Available for purchase will be two options: version with a set of factory heaters and RBA version.

Version with factory Coil Heads Includes:

TFV12 Tank, preinstalled heater V12-T12 with a resistance of 0.12 ohm, replaceable heater V12-X4 0.15 ohm, replaceable heater V12-Q4 0.15 ohm, removable glass, replaceable spare parts and instructions.


Smok TFV12 RBA Includes:

TFV12 RTA Tank, does not contain heaters factory, included RBA base with space for 3 heater and classic dual coil base, of course you will get replacement parts, glass, and manual.


To reservoir a maximum capacity of 6 ml eliquid, who will disappear out of it at a dizzying pace. Height: 70mm, base diameter measures 25mm, and 27mm diameter of the glass rings that add up claw to the RTA Tank. The whole weighs 90 grams and severely weighted set.

In Smok TFV12 shall not want easy and simple filling the tank from the top – as in previous versions. Simply move the upper cap to the side and through the large hole fit into a thick pipette.




When start with fresh heater should also be aware of the steady soaking before use. The heater should be thoroughly soaked and then begin vape of low power.




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