Advken Supra RDA Atomizer

Advken Supra RDA Atomizer Ireland




Supra RDA Atomizer is a new product from Advken dripper, which hides under the cap of a well-known base velostyle us. Dripper structure is made of steel 304 – + pin is gold-plated to enhance conductivity – drip tip having a diameter of 11 mm made from a material can be mentioned / replace your favorite.


Atomizer Supra base diameter is 22mm – size, which vapers got used to long ago. On the sides of the sleeve are 2 side airflow, which can freely adjust shutter after rotating the top cap. From below the manufacturer has placed its mark. Airflow side is very interesting labeled – two engraved o-rings.


In Supra RDA manufacturer has placed an additional lower airflow S-shaped response to a question that soon you will ask – NO – This S does not create a Super Flow, Super clouds, super conditionssimply cool looking ? area through which blows us into the heater is 6 × 2 mm.

advken-supra-golden-plus-pinVelostyle base is equipped with a very large 3mm holes. The manufacturer has applied durable, providing impeccable insulation – PEEK insulator. one of the posts was entirely gilded, and this is a something New. Online also uses screws with increased strength so that this whole beautiful structure we durable for a long time. Affordable price .. Supra abroad ranges from 18 to 23 $ I think not a lot for such a nice cultural dripper with a double ventilated, a large base and 8 mm manhole juice.


Advken Supra RDA Tank Specifications:

– 22 mm in diameter
– Dual side airflow
– 3mm holes
– Fully gilded post +
– PEEK insulator
– Clamping bolts Hex Grub with increased strength
– 8 mm tank for liquid
– 11 mm drip tip
Steel construction 304

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