3 Slots Battery Charger from Joyetech AVATAR

NEW!!! Joyetech Battery Charger 3 Slots Ireland

Genuine Avatar Joyetech Box Mod Battery Charger




Charger from Joyetech with power bank – AZC03D
3 slots charger supports most commercially available batteries – coming out soon from Joyetech.




3 charger slots allow simultaneous charging of all batteries. Includes you will find the charger, power adapter with Quick Charge 2.0 and microUSB cable.




The charger also features a power bank and in contrast to his opponent from Efest Luc V4. Will allow us to charge the phone by downloading 2.1A maximum output voltage simultaneously from 3 batteries and not just one as in Luc V4.

Joyetech does not give charging parameters, but I dare say that the rate will be automatically selected after finding the type of battery.


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